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This page is to honor  and pay homage to WW2 German armed forces veterans who are family of our unit members.  Regardless of which nation these men fought for or the politics of that respective nation, they each answered the call to serve their country and did their duty to the fullest. This page is strictly to honor those who served and in no way glorifies any political ideals. War is a terrible thing for soldiers in any conflict and these men deserve to be recognized.

Heinz Kowa

Heinz Kowa was the Opa (grandfather) of unit member Andreas Muller. Heinz was drafted into the German Wehrmacht in 1943.

While we never were able to attain the actual unit he served in, we do know he served in a heavy weapons battalion and manned mortars and MGs. It is also suspected that he may have been a squad leader at some point in his career. He served on the Eastern Front and was wounded in combat multiple times. Heinz was captured by the Russians at the siege of Konigsberg in 1945 and remained a P.O.W. until his release in 1949.

Pictured is Heinz Kowa in 2012. He attended a WW2 living history event at Latta Plantation and was inducted as an honorary member of IR134. Pictured is Heinz, who actually stood in formation, came to post and received his Deutschmeister Kreuz. We were honored to have him in our camp and accept our invitation to join us.

Heinz Kowa passed away at the age of 88 on April 18th, 2015. In his honor, IR134 held a memorial ceremony for him at Latta Plantation.

J. Faulhaber

J. Faulhaber was the Opa (grandfather) of unit member Alec Faulhaber.  J. Faulhaber after enlistment was placed into an artillery regiment. He was assigned to 20th panzer division - artillerie regiment 92.


After heavy losses, the unit was disbanded on the eastern front and he was reassigned as a panzer grenadier.  He was wounded on at least one occasion and also earned the Iron Cross 2nd class.


J. Faulhaber was captured by the Russian in 1945 and spent time as a P.O.W. until his release in 1946. He then emigrated to America in 1948.  J. Faulhaber passed away in 2103.

Pictured below is J. Faulhaber in 2011, 2 years before his death.

Markus Faulhaber

Markus Faulhaber was the great uncle of unit member Alec Faulhaber.  Markus Faulhaber was born on 22 July 1914 in Zepfenhan (Rottweil), near Schömberg, Zollernalbkreis, Württemberg. He volunteered to join the SS-VT (SS number 113,916) in 1934, and was assigned to III./SS-VT-Standarte "Deutschland" in Ellwangen (1934-1936). Faulhaber was selected to become an officer. After he had graduated from the SS-Junkerschule in Braunschweig, he was assigned to III./SS-VT-Standarte "Germania", Radolfzell, in 1938.


He took part in the Polish Campaign of 1939, where he was awarded the Iron Cross 2nd class; and, as commander of 3./SS-InfRgt "Germania" (part of SS-"Verfügungs"-Division) in the Battle of France.


Still commander of 3./SS-InfRgt "Germania" (SS-Division "Wiking"), he took part in the invasion of the Soviet Union, Operation Barbarossa where he was awarded the Iron Cross 1st class and the Eastern Front Medal 1941/42, which was awarded to all who endured the first Russian winter of the war. He was awarded the Knight's Cross in December 1942 while in command of the 3rd Company. After that, Faulhaber became a member of the teaching staff (tactics instructor) of SS-Junkerschule in Bad Tölz and was promoted to SS-Sturmbannführer on 9 November 1943.


He was next involved in the formation of the SS Panzergrenadier Brigade 49 which he commanded from June to August 1944. In April 1945 Faulhaber was given command of the 95th SS Panzer Grenadier Regiment, 38th SS Division Nibelungen when it was formed from the staff and cadets at the college and eventually surrendered to the Americans.


Faulhaber died on 11 May 1945. He had been ordered by the Americans to persuade other German soldiers hiding in the mountains to come out and surrender. Although already wounded, and with one arm bandaged, Faulhaber drove into the mountains with his adjutant, SS-Obersturmführer (first lieutenant) Christen Dall. Their vehicle crashed and tumbled into the swollen Salzach River. While Dall managed to save himself, Faulhaber drowned. His body was transferred to Radolfzell, to be buried there.


Rudolph Fraessdorf

Rudolph Fraessdorf was the Opa (grandfather) of unit member Michael Fraessdorf.  We are still trying to gather info on Rudolph but we do know he was born in 1909 and passed away in 1970. He was captured by the Russians sometime after Stalingrad. Sometime after his release after the war he was assigned to East German mounted police.

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