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Primary Uniform

Wool Tunic (Feldbluse)

"M40" Feldbluse

"M42" Feldbluse

"M43" Feldbluse

Soldaten within the unit have the choice of which combat tunic to wear.

The "M40", the "M42" (with correct heer 6 buttons) or the "M43"

Many unit members own multiple tunics to best fit into particular time periods.

Example being, while an "M40" tunic was worn throughout the war, the "M43" would not be suitable for a pre 1943 event. Also some members base their tunic wear on their "persona" or enlistment time.

Primary Uniform

Wool Trousers (Hosen)

"M40" Tuchhose

"M43" Keilhosen

Soldaten have the choice of which wool trousers to wear: 

"M40" straight leg hosen or "M43" tapered leg hosen.

Secondary Uniform

Herring Bone Twill (HBT)

"M43" HBT Feldbluse

HBT Hosen

Herring bone twill (HBT) cotton uniforms are the unit standard hot weather combat uniform. H-uD allows only the "M43" variant.

Secondary Uniform

Walking out dress (Ausgehanzug)

"M36" Feldbluse

"M36/37" Steingrau Tuchhose

H-uD reserves the prewar/early war "M36" wool tunic and stone grey trousers for walking out and dress occassions or the the rare early war event.

Secondary Uniform

Summer walking out dress (Ausgehanzug)

DAK Tropical Fledbluse

DAK Tropical Hosen

While H-uD were issued some tropical and DAK uniforms while posted in Italy, we reserve the tropical uniforms for summer hot weather walk out dress. H-uD wear continental insignia rather Afrika Korp on our tropical uniforms.

Further uniform notes:

The use of "M44" Felblusen or field made camouflage feldblusen are reserved for officers and senior NCOs in the correct event time period only.


Italian camouflage trousers are allowed for enlisted soldaten at Italian themed events only.


Swedish tunics, Swiss Tunics, and East German tunics are not authorized.

All wool, HBT, and tropical tunics must have a Heer breast eagle



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