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Primary Uniform

Wool Greatcoat (Mantel)

"M36" Mantel

"M40" Mantel

"M42" Mantel

Any variant of the greatcoat is authorized. The "M42" is authorized for events after 1942. Some members reserve the "M36" for walkout dress.

All members are required to own a mantel before a parka set. The mantel was issued to all soldaten.

Secondary Uniform

Scarf or Toque

Scarf (Schal)

Head Scarf (Toque)

Owning a scarf, toque, or both for cold weather events will be a life saver.

Secondary Uniform

Gloves or Mittens

Glvoes (Handschuhe)

Mittens (Fäustlinge)

Again, gloves or mittens will improve your way of living in the field during cold weather events. Issued wool gloves with size rings or mittens.

Secondary Uniform

Reversible Winter Parka Set

(Tarnschneehemd, Tarnjacke)

HuD members are required to own a Mantel before a Parka Set. Parka sets are to be Splinter A camouflage variant only (Splintertarnmuster).

The wearing of smocks are authorized for snipers (scharfschutzen) and recon (aufklarung) only. The wearing of smocks are event, timeline and mission specfic. Only Splinter A variant (splintertarnmuster) smocks are allowed.

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