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Primary Weapon

Kar98K Rifle (Karabiner 98 Kurz)

All members of H-uD must have a K98k rifle. The 98K was the "backbone" of the Wehrmacht and carried by most German soldiers. Weapons must have a turned-down bolt, German stock and sling. No VZ-24s or M48's are authorized.

Secondary Weapon

MP38/40 (Maschinenpistole)

MP38 (Maschinenpistole)

MP40 (Maschinenpistole)

Usually in German units, the commander of a squad, platoon, or company, regardless of rank, would use a submachinegun. The assistant leader in a squad might carry an MP40 or a Kar98k. Vehicle crews were also known to carry MP40s due to its size.

Secondary Uniform

STG44 (Sturmgeweher 44)

The STG 44 was the first modern assault rifle and while it was destined to replace the Kar98k by the standard infantryman, it was not able to be produced in large enough number. The STG 44 is authorized for late war events only.

Secondary Weapon

G43/K43 (Geweher 43/Karabiner 43)

The G43/K43 German semi automatic rifle built to contend with the Russian SVT 40. Not suitable for pre 1943 events.

Secondary Weapon

MG34 (Machinegeweher 34)

The MG 34 was used as the primary infantry machine gun during the 1930s, and remained as the primary armored vehicle defensive weapon. It was to be replaced in infantry service by the related MG 42, but there were never enough quantities of the new design to go around, and MG 34s soldiered on in all roles until the end of the war.

Secondary Weapon

MG42 (Machinegeweher 42)

Designed to replace the MG 34, the MG 42 was lighter weight and had a higher rate of fire than its counterpart. One of the weapon's most notable features was in its exceptionally high rate of fire of about 1,200 rounds per minute, twice the rate of the Vickers and Browning machine guns, which fired at a rate of about 600 rounds per minute. The ear could not easily discern the sound of individual shots being fired, instead hearing a sound described as like "ripping cloth" or a buzzsaw, giving rise to the nickname "Hitler's buzzsaw"

Secondary Weapon

Luger P08

Walther P38

Luger P08

Walther P38

While the Luger is authorized for use, the P38 was much more common side arm. The wearing of sidearms within H-uD are limited to Officers, NCOs, Medics, Snipers, or MG crews.

Further notes on weapons:

Optional weapons are subject to various restrictions. Date and rank restrictions on weapons models are strictly enforced.  No automatic weapons unless approved by the unit command staff. Captured weapons are authorized for use in appropriate theater, but only through specific permission from the command staff.

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