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While not Primary Uniform items to be granted full HuD membership, the use of rucksacks, tornisters, and other bags will make transport of items easier and be more authentic while in the field. While performing combat operations in the field, rucks and bags were normally left in the rear areas.

Secondary Uniform

"M34" Fur Pack (Tornister)

The "M34" Tornister pack was issued to every soldier as late as 1944.

Secondary Uniform

"M39" Rucksack

While the "M39" Rucksack was meant to phase out the tornister, both were used throughout most of the war. Only Heer green rucks are authorized.

Secondary Uniform

Clothing Bag

These were part of the standard kit- the bag offered a simple means to carry a spare set of clothes during travel or when on leave.

Secondary Uniform

Assault Frame

(Gefechtsgepack für Infantrie Schutzenkompanien mit Beutel)

the A-frame was designed to allow the soldiers to easily carry their basic gear on operations, while leaving the heavier rucksack or tornister packs with the baggage trains, in vehicles or unit positions. The A-frame assault pack is compact and efficient, and easy to drop if need be.

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