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Primary Uniform

Service Shirt (Hemd)

Cotton SHirt (Hemd)

Knit Shirt (Hemd)

Sport Shirt (Sporthemd)

 Service shirts exhibited numerous variations. The color varies widely from stone gray, to pea green to field gray. The cloth can be knit, aertex, or cotton poplin. Some shirts have pockets but the most common were pocketless. The sport shirt is only authorized for wear under the tunic for hot weather events, work events, and training events.

Tropical service shirts must be accompanied with a tropical tie and worn with the tropical walkout dress only.

Primary Uniform

Suspenders/Braces (Hosenträger)

Suspenders (Hosenträger)

Trouser Belt (Hosengürtel)

A landser must keep his trousers up. Trouser suspenders or braces are needed. While these were issued, some period civilian models were worn. Trouser belts are also an option. Some landsers wear both together in conjuntion.

Secondary Uniform

Wool Sweater

Issued or period civilian crew neck, V neck, or turtleneck sweaters are authorized for wear under the feldbluse for cold weather events.

Original or reproduction long underwear, post war East German long underwear, and post war Soviet long underwear are authorized for cold weather events.

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