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Welcome to the website of the World War II Living History Organization, Reichsgrenadier-Regiment  "Hoch- und Deutschmeister" 


This website and the organization it represents are strictly non-political. We seek only to educate the public about WWII through re-enacting and by providing a glimpse of the weapons, vehicles, field gear, and uniforms of the period. Our organization in no way promotes hatred, bigotry, racism, or the general ideology of fascism. Even so, it does make use of historical images and symbols from the era.
We understand that these may be considered sensitive imagery, and urge anyone who finds the subject

matter upsetting to leave the website.


If you wish to proceed to the website you may do so by clicking the eagle at the bottom of the page, by doing so you agree that you have read and understood the above. Once again we wish to welcome you to our website and hope it provides a glimpse into an educational and exciting hobby.

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